Specific to reviewing meat and fish order delivery companies in Toronto Ontario, we audit the experience of each online meat shop including data analytics for:
a) Starting price of lower bulk cost savings.
b) Price transparency with details of price per lb. per product.
c) The extent of company product claims, sourcing, and certifications.
d) Order process with the online meat shop store.
e) Customer service experience through email.

All company pricing and quotes are based on EQUAL types of products and amounts of:
- Ground Beef (40lb)
- Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon  (40lb)
- Pork Bacon  (40lb)
- Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts  (40lb)
- Striploin Steaks  (40lb)

40lb of each product listed above represents a 200lb total bulk meat and fish order average. Average is based on quantities a typical Canadian couple, or small family will consume over a 1-year period. Products selected are considered common and popular choices for consumers. Volume amounts and product examples are sourced and surveyed from grocery stores and butcher shops. Data for yearly consumption of meat in Canada for 2019 was 154.06lb / year per Canadian person. (Source: Statista.com) Data for yearly fish consumption in Canada for 2019 was 20.15lb / year per Canadian person. (Source: Statista.com) Total meat and fish consumption in 2019: 174.21lb/year per person. Data updated for 2021 based on quotes from 3 butcher shops stating up to 250lb per year of suggested bulk ordering for couple to small family. 200lb / year was selected as amount based on a middle value from statistical data in 2019 and 2021 butcher shop data.

Criteria Musts:

- delivery available in the Toronto GTA
- company-focus about local meat/fish
- high quality free-range product
- must have a website

Meat/Fish Comparison:

- Ground Beef (40lb)
- Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon (40lb)
- Pork Bacon (40lb)
- Chicken Breasts: boneless/skinless (40lb)
- Striploin Steaks (40lbs)